Setup git in visualStudio 2015

Here is example git on github working with Visual Studio.

Step 1: Go to your github, if you don’t have an account, please create it because it allows you upto 1GB each repositories. Here is i created repository Moms

Step 2: Open your project into Visual Studio 2015, right click on solution and choose Add Solution to Source Control.

Step 3: Open Team Explore by press Ctrl+M or click on View->TeamExplorer.

Step 4: Now what you need is pasting the link of your github repository into the server link then clicking on the Publish button.

How to clone a gitHub repository into Visual Studio:

Just copy your git repository url into TeamExplorer on Clone tab. Ensure you provide the empty folder for git local.

How to check in your changes from machine to github repository:

Step 1: right click on solution, click on the commit menu.

There will be a screen asking you to enter the comment and then click on Commit All.

Next screen requires you Sync to Pull your code from repository then push your code to repository.

Source reference:

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